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jcontrol - simple program to control Julius / Julian mod- ule via API


jcontrol hostname [portnum]


jcontrol is a simple console program to control julius running on other host via network API. It can send com- mand to Julius, and receive messages from Julius. When invoked, jcontrol tries to connect to Julius or Julian running in "module mode" on specified hostname. After connection established, jcontrol waits for user com- mands from standard input. When user types a command to jcontrol, it will be inter- preted and corresponding API command will be sent to Julius. When a message is received from Julius, its con- tent will be output to standard output. For details about the API, see the related documents.


hostname Host name where Julius is runnning in module mode. portnum (optional) port number. (default=10500)


After startup, the command string below can be input from stdin. pause Stop recognition, cutting speech input at that point if any. terminate Stop recognition, discarding the current speech input if any. resume (re)start recognition. inputparam arg Tell Julius how to deal with speech input in case grammar is changed just when recognition is run- ning. Specify one: "TERMINATE", "PAUSE", "WAIT" version Return version number. status Return trigger status (active/sleep).


Below are Grammar-related command strings for Julian: changegram prefix Change recognition grammar to "prefix.dfa" and "prefix.dict". All the current grammars used in Julian are deleted and replaced to the specifed grammar. addgram prefix tell Julian to use additional grammar "prefix.dfa" and "prefix.dict" for recognition. The specified grammars are added to the list of recognition gram- mars, and then activated. deletegram ID tell Julian to delete grammar of the specified "ID". The deleted grammar will be erased from Julian. The grammar "ID" is sent from Julian at each time grammar information has changed. deactivategram ID tell Julian to de-activate a grammar. The speci- fied grammar will become temporary OFF, and skipped from recognition process. These de-activated gram- mars are kept in Julian, and can be activated by "activategram" command. activategram ID tell Julian to activate previously de-activated grammar.


The dump messages from Julius / Julian are output to tty with prefix "> " appended to each line. See related documents for more details. (1) start Julius / Julian in module mode at host 'host'. % julian -C xxx.jconf ... -input mic -module (2) (on other tty) start jcontrol, and start communica- tion. % jcontrol host connecting to host:10500...done > <GRAMINFO> > # 0: [active] 99words, 42categories, 135nodes (new) > </GRAMINFO> > <GRAMINFO> > # 0: [active] 99words, 42categories, 135 nodes > Grobal: 99words, 42categories, 135nodes > </GRAMINFO> > <INPUT STATUS="LISTEN" TIME="1031583083"/> -> pause -> resume > <INPUT STATUS="LISTEN" TIME="1031583386"/> -> addgram test ....


julius(1), julian(1)


This version was distributed with Julius-3.5.


Copyright (c) 2002-2005 Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan Copyright (c) 2005 Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan


LEE Akinobu (Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan) contact: julius@kuis.kyoto-u.ac.jp


Same as Julius. LOCAL JCONTROL(1)

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