Reference Manuals

These are online manuals for Julius and related tools. See the Julius page for complete list of Jconf options.

Table of Contents

julius — open source multi-purpose LVCSR engine
jcontrol — a sample module client written in C — sample client for module mode (perl version)
mkbingram — make binary N-gram from ARPA N-gram file
mkbinhmm — convert HMM definition file in HTK ascii format to Julius binary format
mkbinhmmlist — convert HMMList file into binary format
adinrec — record audio device and save one utterance to a file
adintool — a tool to record / split / send / receive audio streams
mkss — calculate average spectrum for spectral subtraction
mkgshmm — convert monophone HMM to GS HMM for Julius
generate-ngram — random sentence generator from N-gram — grammar compiler
generate — random sentence generator from a grammar
nextword — display next predicted words (in reverse order)
accept_check — Check whether a grammar accept / reject given word sequences
dfa_minimize — Minimize a DFA grammar network
dfa_determinize — Determinize NFA grammar network. — convert Julius grammar to SAPI XML grammar format